Murray-West Industrial Park Continued

Conceived in 2010, the Murray-West Industrial Park is a state of the art 134 acre Industrial Park.   Murray – West has complete Industrial sized infrastructure including 12” water, 8” gravity flow sanitary sewer,  500,000 gallon elevated storage tank, 4” steel high pressure natural gas, dual feed TVA power distributed by West Kentucky Rural Electric, and almost unlimited fiber optic broadband provided by the Murray Electric System.  The Park has, for most areas, pre-existing storm water storage capacity and wooded areas set aside for a natural, scenic environment.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Park is the fact that the entire site has been graded, cut, filled and compacted to engineered standards of 3,000 psi.  In essence, the entire Park is Pad Ready.  There are no floodplain issues and only .15 acres of wetlands which is an area that is not planned for development.  The Park has a complete environmental clearance as well as Archaeological Survey.