Quality of Life Murray-Calloway

Normal (30-year record) 59.5 degrees
Average Annual, 2012 62.3 degrees
Record Highest, June 2012 (73-year record) 109 degrees
Record Lowest, January 1985 (73-year record) -17 degrees
Normal Heating Degree Days (30-year record) 3,688
Normal Cooling Degree Days (30-year record) 1,646
Normal (30-year record) 47.25 inches
Mean Annual Snowfall (30-year record) 6.3 inches
Total Precipitation, 2012 45.82 inches
Mean Number of Days Precipitation (0.01 inch or more) (30-year record) 118.9
Mean Number of Days Thunderstorms (65-year record) 50.9
Prevailing Winds South
Relative Humidity (30-year record)
12 midnight 79 percent
6 a.m. 84 percent
12 noon 57 percent
6 p.m. 61 percent
Note: Heating degree day totals are the sums of positive departures of average daily temperature from 65 degrees F.  Cooling degree day totals are the sum of negative departures of average daily temperature from 65 degrees F.
Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Climatic Data Center, Local Climatological Data, 2012.
Station of record: Nashville Intl. Airport, Nashville, TN.

Public School District Enrollments and Expenditures, 2012-2013
Total Enrollment Pupil To Teacher Ratio
Calloway County Schools 3,110 15.2
Murray Independent Schools 1,481 15.0
Source: Kentucky Department of Education, Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability.