The Murray-Calloway Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) has roots running all the way back to 1961 when community leaders formed what was then known as the Murray-Calloway County Industrial Foundation. Later, in 1981, those same leaders came to the conclusion that the economic needs of the community could be better served as a private non-profit corporation and the MCEDC was born. As a private, 501-c6 Corporation, the MCEDC has the ability to deal directly and confidentially with businesses without the sometimes cumbersome restraints of public bodies. Over time, the MCEDC has come to be recognized as the recognized entity responsible both for working with existing industry and recruiting new industry in Calloway County, Kentucky. Whether working with local industry to help retain and create new jobs or serving as the sole source conduit for tax and incentive provision, the MCEDC is always ready both before and afterthe sale to help your company survive and grow.

Our Board of Directors


Organized as a private non-profit, the MCEDC has a Board of Directors representing each sector of the community that can help companies and the area at large to prosper. The MCEDC Board includes representatives from Banking, local Government, Transportation and general business. By having this broad and diverse leadership, we always feel the pulse of the community and thus can respond quickly, confidentially and effectively to business and industry needs. Our current officers include;


Ken Winters, Chair

alice rouse

Alice Rouse, Vice Chair


Mike Maxwell, Secretary/Treasurer

Mark Manning

Jo Ann Erwin

Mark Manning


Originally from the State of Mississippi, Mark has been directly involved in Economic Development for almost 25 years and has been in Murray for over 12 years.  He has worked in State Government as well as for local communities and has extensive experience working at the Regional level.  With a strong background in business finance and a strong love of manufacturing, Mark is able to quickly bring together the varied resources and programs that provide creative solutions to the table and make things work.

Jo Ann Erwin

Administrative Assistant

Joining the MCEDC in 2005, Jo Ann brings a wealth of experience having worked in manufacturing and transportation.  As a result, her transition into economic development has been a huge plus for the organization.  During her time at the MCEDC Jo Ann has become instrumental in recruiting support, prospect package development, and running the day to day operations to maximum efficiency.